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Turbulent Times Can Still be The Best of Times                    

T hese are indeed turbulent, unprecedented times within the mortgage industry, yet opportunity remains. In fact it abounds, but you must clearly understand the challenges and opportunities in order to gain from them. 
Charles Salas is a Sr. Underwriter for
Seattle Funding Group of California.

Within the hard-money space, it is often said that these are the worst of times; these are the best of times. The difference comes down to the strength and capital resources of your lenders, and both factors are generally governed by portfolio performance and investor confidence. Few lenders, if any, will emerge from the present market challenges entirely unscathed, untouched or completely unaffected. Even SFG with its twenty year track record and preeminent position within the private lending industry has needed to make a few quick, minor adjustments to its lending programs in order to counteract a market that is changing as rapidly and drastically as any we’ve ever experienced…and SFG has underwriters that have been experienced at hard money lending for over thirty years!

So where are the opportunities? What do you as a mortgage professional do to properly represent your client while maintaining a consistent cash flow to support your operations?


 1. Don’t try to be all things to all people. Thin down your lenders list to a small handful of strong, active lenders (3 to 5) which have varying lending models or programs within the hard money and conventional spaces.

 2. Understand your lender’s model as well as the lender does. Take the time to develop your primary lending relationships, truly understand the way your selected lenders think and the keys that they look for when underwriting a loan request. These are dynamic times, so be prepared for a few changes along the way. All lenders, even healthy portfolio lenders, will make necessary adjustments in periods as turbulent as these.
 3. Target your requests and maximize your results. Proper management of your time and effectiveness are crucial in changing hope into meaningful and consistent financial results. Most requests simply won’t find homes today, so focus on those requests that fit within the lending models of your targeted lenders and work closely and patiently with both parties until the deal is done.
 4. Be the one that takes those results to the bank. Private money will often be today’s only source, but it’s also more expensive than many of your clients’ prior lending relationships. The key will be to clearly understand and communicate the available alternatives to your client and assist them in making the transition to hard money. We often see the same request numerous times over a period of months, and the broker that is able to demonstrate and explain the market realities is the one that can take the rewards of closing to the bank…be that broker!

Where do you start?
Identify your selected lenders, target your clients, focus your efforts and make this turbulent period in our economy The Best of Times for your firm and your families.

Seattle Funding Group is a direct portfolio lender that has become a respected industry leader during our twenty year history. Our focus is on working closely with the brokerage community to professionally and responsively service their clients’ needs with the very best in hard money. We’d like to be one of the lenders you select to assist you and your clients through these turbulent times and we invite you to contact one of our underwriters to learn more about our lending programs.

 ~ Charles Salas, Senior Underwriter, Seattle Funding Group of California
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