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The Source Fall 2012

Investing in First Deeds of Trust

Back to the Future

The Source Summer 2012

Private Money Construction Financing

New Loan Demand Quality Exceptional

The Source Winter 2012

Deal Certanity

What profile of investor are you?

Does Seattle Funding Group Dominate the Private Money Market on the West Coast?

Three Common Mistakes in Deed of Trust Investing

SFG Direct: The quality alternative for deed of trust investors

The SFG Philosophy

Mental Toughness

Turbulent Times Can Still be The Best of Times

Notes from the Underwriter - 10 Ways to Accelerate the Process

3 Quick Thoughts When Constructing Your Next Construction Loan Request

3 Dynamics for Portfolio Quality

SFG is a Different Animal

SFG Delivers to the Market Some of the Finest Condos in Seattle

Where to Turn for Private-Money Clients

Where to Find the Best Private-Money Borrowers

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